Funny Animal Videos

It is simply adorable to watch the animals take on human characteristics. Hence there are now numerous funny animal videos found on the internet. Since the time man has started domesticating animals humans have not been able to resist the cute photos and antics of the animals. The videos capturing the animals live in the adorable actions have hence gained huge popularity all over the world. Though the cute animals have always been featured on chocolate boxes and adorable cards they have now found a new medium to enchant their way into our hearts and that it through the videos on the social networking sites.

The arrival of various social networking websites has made it extremely easy to upload the funny animal videos and share it friends and family. There is hence always something enticing about capturing your pet doing funny antics and then sharing it with the rest of the internet audience on the popular social networking websites. It is thus not surprising that it is the funny animal videos that get the maximum hits on the popular social networking websites. However what make these cute and adorable animals funny is the human characteristics they try to emulate. Despite the fact that there is no documented proof that the animals feel a variety of emotions like we humans the funny animal videos portray that certain emotions are definitely felt by the animals or they can adopt these emotions depending on their surroundings.

This is also the reason why the popular sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium became popular overnight. The visitors to the aquarium where enchanted to see the sea otters holding hands while swimming towards the artificial shore created inside the aquarium. Though many animal behavior experts suggest that this is because one sea otter has lost his/her way and the other sea otter is simply showing the way the audiences across the world cannot get enough of them.

Similarly the videos of the moonwalking flamingo at the wildlife center in UK have also attracted a huge fan base. This clever moonwalking flamingo does nothing but stir up the mud in a very different way to facilitate feeding in its own pool. But the action of stirring up the mud resembles the famous pop icon Michael Jackson performing his equally famous moonwalk.

The funny animal videos are hence not just of these famous creatures who have their own fan base but also of domesticated pets. There are hence countless funny animal videos available on the internet which are of pets doing funny antics. Thus it is not difficult to find funny videos like a cat trying to eat cat food with a fork or a dog trying to sing along with its owner while playing the piano. The funny animal videos of baby animals are also quite adorable. Almost anyone can lose their heart to the cute and adorable baby animals and hence the funny animal clips of baby animals are quite popular on the internet.

The baby animals are often captured surveying their new environment hence funny animal clips like the puppy banging into a mirror or a baby orangutan looking mesmerized in his own reflection are quite heartwarming. There are also many funny animal clips which portray unusual friendships between animals. For centuries we have been amused at the folklore of how cats and dogs do not get along. The proverb of fighting like cats and dogs has also originated from this folklore but as they say there are exceptions to every rule there are some pets who have forged friendships beyond the realm of popular folklore. Hence the animal video which show dogs and cats playing with each other have also gained a huge fan base on the popular social networking websites.

There are some animals who are feared because of their carnivorous habits but the baby animal videos of such feared animals can remove all the fear and fill the audience with love and adoration. Lion cubs and tiger cubs are baby animals which leave their audiences spell bound with their adorable antics. At such a tender age these lion cubs and tiger cubs look more adorable than dangerous. Hence many zoos across the world provide special interaction between the cubs of lions and tigers and the visitors in an attempt to educate the general public about these endangered species.

The funny animal clips have hence also been used successfully by many Asian zoos to raise the level of awareness about several endangered species like the Bengal tiger and the Chinese pandas. The cute and cuddly Chinese pandas are soon becoming extinct because of the increasing deforestation and the threat many villages feel because of their large size. Hence the zoos in Asia had initially started with the funny video clips of pandas to educate the audiences that the pandas are not dangerous unless provoked instead they are quite peace loving creatures.

Similarly in Alaska the cute videos of bear cubs were circulated to prevent bear poaching. The audiences were shown adorable clips of the bear cubs playing with siblings and also with the mother in an attempt to prevent the tourists from poaching bears. Cute videos of macaws have also their way onto the popular social networking sites. These colorful creatures are increasingly losing their homes to the deforestation taking place in their home country Brazil. The funny videos of the macaws imitating their owners perfectly and sometimes even admonishing their owners using the exact words have charmed the hearts of many across the world.

In India the cute videos of the tiger cubs have worked their magic and have endeared many to the cause of saving the tiger. This has led to the numbers of the tigers steadily increasing. Hence many volunteers committed to saving the tigers in India hope that one day in near future we can permanently take the tigers of the endangered animal species.

There are also several animal associations which are committed to stopping cruelty against and are using the funny animal videos to educate the audience and preventing cruelty being meted out to the animals.

The advent of the social networking websites and the rising popularity of the funny animal clips have hence also caused the popularity of many movies which are centered on these adorable animals. The movies ranging from Marmaduke, Cats and Dogs to even the awe inspiring Hachiko have all been popular. There are countless discussions about these movies and the message these movies wish to spread. The amazing stories of loyalty and dedication displayed in these movies by the adorable animals are not fiction but actual stories. Hence though we laugh at the funny antics of the cute and adorable animals there are many who realize that there is a lot to be learnt from these cute, funny and adorable animals.

Hence search for the best funny animal videos on any search engine and then sit back and enjoy the many human characteristics these animals display ranging from adorable, funny to downright silly. Though some funny animals videos might be even disgusting each one of the funny animal clips are amazing and extremely entertaining. The funny animal clips might also provide ideas to capture your pet and make your pet famous on the internet.